13 10 / 2014

Anonymous said: Would you be willing to train my wife. Indiana husband???

Train her how? I’m not sure what you’re askingĀ 

13 10 / 2014

idesirealovinghotwife said: Do you love your husband?

Very much so

16 9 / 2014

Anonymous said: What's the biggest white dick you hade?

About 9”

07 9 / 2014

Anonymous said: Has your husband ever "cleaned up" after another guy?

He always cleans up up after other guys. That’s his job

18 8 / 2014

clov36 said: Do you really like cum in your ass.

I like cum on my asshole, not in it

18 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Would you ever fuck a 18 year old?

Probably not

18 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Have you ever had double penetration or double vag? If so, ever had a double cream pie?

Yes, double vag, and double creampie

22 7 / 2014

ajpthing42 said: Are there any other rules or do nots that u guys set as a couple?

He always knows when I fuck other guys, that’s about it

22 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: whats your favourite slut wife outfit

Thong and high heels

22 7 / 2014

pleasure-words-deactivated20141 said: Love your blog. Do you party often? Do you get off in forcing hubby to watch you fuck other men?

I never force him to watch, he begs to be able to