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Anonymous asked:

Are all cuckold/hotwife relationships about husband humiliation? I just see a lot of that on these blogs. I like the idea of seeing my wife with other men, but not the humiliation aspect, though.

No, not at all. Me and my husband do not enjoy the humiliating aspect of it.


Now you know why I love BBC 

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I got this in an earlier message to my Inbox and thought I would share it.  This guy has a hot one on his hands.  If we give his little lady enough attention, maybe she will show us what a cumslut she really is!

No need to reblog or publish or anything, but I wanted to put myself out there. I have a cumslut. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but here we are. I’m not sure I still believe it entirely, but she loves nothing more than to suck my dick. I have no idea why. I have a picture of her posted. I hope you like it.

ihaveacumslut: My cumslut.

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