22 5 / 2014

cuckdunc1058 said: Do u use a cage for ur hubby. What kind?

No cage, that’s too hardcore for us

22 5 / 2014

Anonymous said: Do you take birth control to prevent pregnancy? Also do you regularly get checked for sti&std's??

Birth control is taking care of, and yes we get tested regularly

22 5 / 2014

ladiichula199 said: Do you really love your wife that you let her fuck anybody?

Has nothing to do with love. It’s just a sex thing

22 5 / 2014

Anonymous said: So do u like young guys jacking off to you and u think its ok for a husband to fanatise about his wife being a slut.

Depends how young, and yes it’s absolutely ok for him to be turned on by me being a whore

22 5 / 2014

Anonymous said: is it ok that i jerk off about my wife being a slut

It’s a very common thing. A lot of men just won’t admit it

11 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: Do you only bang dudes w/o your husband present? If I were to share my wife, it would just as much for me as her as in I would partake in the action. I feel that way b/c I would enjoy watching my wife fuck and suck a another dude while she is fucking sucking me. Thanks

No, I fuck anyone whenever I want, whether he’s there or not

11 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: Would you like me to clean you up?

My hubby usually cleans me up

11 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: Did you like it. Did it taste good. My biggest fantasy!

Cum ALWAYS tastes good

11 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: is someone there

Yes, there always is

07 10 / 2012

Anonymous said: Are all cuckold/hotwife relationships about husband humiliation? I just see a lot of that on these blogs. I like the idea of seeing my wife with other men, but not the humiliation aspect, though.

No, not at all. Me and my husband do not enjoy the humiliating aspect of it.